Nanome, US Startup developing VR drug discovery tools, demonstrated at iCONM.


Nanome provides the most advanced virtual reality software for molecular modeling, collaborative drug design, 3D visualization of molecular structures and more. It helps researchers, academics, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations collaboratively conduct drug research and development.  Nanome was co-founded in 2015. Now, over half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies use Nanome’s VR software for their drug discovery efforts, including Novartis, Roche (Chugai). 

Nanome gave their demo at iCONM, and the event attracted a large crowd of researchers and startups companies located at the King Skyfront and other institutions that participate in iCONM’s CHENGE project.   

iCONM in collaboration with BioLabs continues to provide a venue for entrepreneurs from around the world to gather and support startups community in the Kawasaki region. 


Akie Kaneko
iCONM in collaboration with BioLabs

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