Why iCONM with BioLabs

  • Why iCONM with BioLabs

Why iCONM with BioLabs

Maximize startup resources

Startups have limited time and funds. We help you get the most out of your limited resources. For example, startups do not need to perform initial lab construction upon move-in, and can utilize a variety of common equipment, saving significant time and money. Furthermore, through collaboration with global incubator BioLabs, we will provide opportunities to connect with European and American pharmaceutical companies and investors. We aim to create an environment where both research and development and business development can be accelerated efficiently.

  • Environment and facilities where you can concentrate on science

    • Bio, chemical synthesis, nano-processing, and human disease model experiment facilities are available under one roof.
    • More than 370 types of advanced research analysis equipment are available.
    • We provide safety training, committee composition, equipment maintenance, and experimental environment management in accordance with various regulations, so you can concentrate on your research.
  • BioLabs global ecosystem

    • Participate in joint networking and pitch events with BioLabs.
    • New collaboration opportunities are provided through our global network.
  • Connect with experts specializing in life sciences and biotechnology

    • You can receive business mentoring from experts active in the life science field.
    • You will have the opportunity to connect with human resources and experts necessary for various management such as intellectual property, VC, legal affairs, regulations, accounting, etc.
  • Ecosystem co-created with Kawasaki City

    • Business development opportunities will be provided through matching with major life science related companies.
    • It is also possible to receive introductions to research contract institutions (contract protein production, etc.) within King Skyfront.
    • In the future, we are also preparing to collaborate with incubation facilities that suit the growth phase of startups.
  • Peer-to-Peer community

    • There are various mechanisms to accelerate communication between resident startups.
    • You can learn from the experiences of companies in various growth stages within iCONM.