We have a simple flow to help startups move in as quickly as possible. The time it takes to move in depends on the situation, but the approximate time it takes to move in is about one month. We offer a flexible fee structure that can accommodate the number of experimenters and funding status of resident startups.

Download recruitment information


Tour of iCONM and interview about the project details and feasibility of support.


The Tenant Selection Committee will meet twice for screening. After a 10-15 minute presentation about the business, we will make a selection based on a comprehensive judgment of relevance to the iCONM vision, business content/future potential, financial situation, capital plan, etc.

Notification of examination results

We will notify you of the screening results via email within 2 business days.


Fee structure(※Excluding tax)

Basic plan

A.1 lab bench & 1 desk
320,000 yen/month

Access to lab benches and office desks with experimental equipment

B.1 lab bench
280,000 yen/month

Access to lab benches with experimental equipment

*The bench fee also includes some lab consumables costs, electricity costs, water costs, and disposal costs.
Office fees include some office consumables, disposal fees, and refreshments.

*Basic Plan A comes with the optional plan Lab Membership (x1) free of charge.

*Optional plan only cannot be used, please refer to other recruitment guidelines.

Option plan

a.lab membership
100,000 yen/month
b.Office desk
40,000 yen/month
c.Office membership
20,000 yen/month

Example of use

For 2 experiment workers: Basic Plan A Total 320,000 yen/month

We will propose a flexible plan according to the number of people.