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  • Floor & Lab Equipment

Floor Guide

iCONM with BioLabs is located on the 3rd floor and offers shared labs and office space for startups. Resident startups will have access to iCONM’s shared equipment, enabling them to conduct cell culture, animal experiments, chemical synthesis, and microfabrication experiments all within the same building. (Click here for details on laboratory equipment)

The magnet area and offices are bright and airy, with big windows that look out over the airport runway. It’s a great place to work and meet people, and the views of the planes taking off are really inspiring.

  • ●Share Lab Space(3rd Floor)

    Each bench is equipped with a mini refrigerator (4℃) under the bench and has access to designated storage space in shared -30℃ and -80℃ freezers. Shared equipment, ranging from tabletop centrifuges to real-time PCR machines, is installed within the lab space for free use.

  • ●Magnet Area(2nd to 4th Floor)

    A communication area is located at the center of each floor. Each floor offers a unique space, connected by stairs to facilitate easy movement between floors. These areas serve as magnets for attracting people and fostering interaction, generating new ideas and inspiration.

  • ●Biology Experiment Area(3rd Floor)

    Equipped with high-performance bioimaging systems and the latest cell analysis equipment, this area allows for observation of cells at the nanoscale and real-time observation of intracellular phenomena. Additionally, researchers from diverse backgrounds utilize the laboratories, and casual conversations during experiments can lead to the development of new projects.

  • ●Material Evaluation Area(2nd Floor)

    This area consists of laboratories for evaluating the physical and chemical properties of new compounds and pharmaceuticals. Equipment is available to elucidate the structure of matter at the atomic to microscale and to evaluate the function of pharmaceuticals. This allows researchers to confirm that new pharmaceuticals synthesized in the synthetic experimental area are functioning as intended.

  • ●Synthetic Chemistry Area(2nd Floor)

    This laboratory is well-equipped to conduct a wide range of chemical reactions, from small molecule synthesis to polymer synthesis. A draft chamber is also available. In addition to synthesis, equipment for purification and detection is also available.

  • ●Cleanroom Area (Class 1000)(1st Floor)

    A semiconductor manufacturing cleanroom is equipped, where dust is eliminated, and temperature and humidity are controlled. Equipment for microfabrication at the nanometer and micrometer scale is available, enabling research and development of cutting-edge medical and diagnostic devices.