Floor & Lab Equipment

  • Floor & Lab Equipment

Floor & Lab Equipment

iCONM with BioLabs has a shared lab and office on the 3rd floor, and resident startups will be able to use iCONM’s shared equipment. This makes it possible to conduct cell culture, animal experiments, chemical synthesis, and microfabrication experiments in one building.(Click here for details on experimental equipment
In addition, the magnet area and office are bright spaces where you can see planes taking off into the sky, making them perfect places for communication.

  • ●Share lab space(3F)

    Each room is equipped with a bench that each person can use freely and a refrigerator (4℃). Common equipment, from tabletop centrifuges to real-time PCR, is installed in the lab space and can be used freely. Some lab consumables are available free of charge.

  • ●Magnet area(2F~4F)

    A communication area is set up in the center of each floor. The different spaces on each floor are connected by an open staircase so that you can easily move between floors. It attracts people like a magnet and increases opportunities for interaction, making it a place where new thoughts and ideas are born.

  • ●Biological experiment area(3F)

    Equipped with high-performance bioimaging systems and the latest cell analysis equipment, it is possible to observe cells at the nano-level and intracellular phenomena in real time. Additionally, since the laboratory is used by researchers with various backgrounds, a casual conversation during an experiment can sometimes lead to a new project.

  • ●Material evaluation area(2F)

    A laboratory for evaluating the physical and chemical properties of new compounds and drugs. We have equipment that reveals the structure of substances from the atomic scale to the microscale, and equipment that evaluates the functions of pharmaceuticals, so you can check whether new pharmaceuticals created in the synthesis experiment area are working as intended.

  • ●Synthesis experiment area(2F)

    This is a laboratory where all kinds of chemical reactions can be carried out, from small molecule synthesis to polymer synthesis. A draft chamber is also available. We are fully equipped with equipment for not only synthesis but also purification and detection.

  • ●Clean room area (class 1000)(1F)

    We have a clean room for semiconductor manufacturing that excludes dust and controls temperature and humidity. We have equipment for nanometer and micrometer-sized microfabrication, making it possible to research and develop cutting-edge medical and diagnostic equipment.