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Laboratory Equipment

iCONM provides access to over 370 diverse shared laboratory equipment comparable to those found in universities and pharmaceutical companies. Some shared equipment may require prior reservation and may be subject to fees. This page lists just a few of our equipment. Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of specific instruments.

iCONM handles all aspects of shared equipment maintenance, training, usage management, and waste disposal. We also organize various committees for conducting experiments, saving startups from the time and cost of managing these tasks themselves.

CO2 Incubator (PHCbi)

Centrifuge (KUBOTA、Eppendorf、TOMY)

in vivo optical imaging (Perkin Elmer)

Real-time PCR (ABi)

LC/MS (Agilent)

Fluorescence microscope (Nikon)

Flow cytometry (BD)

Zetasizer (Malvern)



SPR (Biacore)

3D micro X-ray CT (Rigaku)