【募集】11/29(水)BioLabs共同ウェビナー「Scale your innovation to the global stage」


川崎市殿町にあるライフサイエンス系インキュベーターiCONM in collaboration with BioLabsでは、11/29(水)9amより、BioLabsと共同でウェビナーを開催いたします。「Scale your innovation to the global stage」をテーマとし、創業前/初期から考えるグローバル戦略などについてディスカッションします。特にシード・アーリーステージのバイオ系スタートアップ、創業準備中の方、創業に興味がある研究者の方などにおすすめです。よろしければ、ぜひご聴講ください。


Scale your innovation to the global stage

Many life-science entrepreneurs in Japan are interested in expanding their business to the global stage. However, due to being buried in daily work, we are struggling to begin. In this webinar, presenters will discuss how to begin.

2023年11月29日(水) 9:00 – 10:00AM​ 




Ken Horne (ホーン・川嶋 健)
Managing Partner, AN Ventures

Ken Horne is an experienced healthcare investor, entrepreneur and executive with over two decades of professional success. He was previously chairperson of RDiscovery, Remiges Ventures’ company creation entity. In this role, he has helped start and invest in Aqross Therapeutics, Digestome Therapeutics, Typewriter Therapeutics (all of which have Japanese scientific founders), as well as Capacity Bio, and serves all of them as President or CEO. Previously as an entrepreneur, he co-founded or led Aline Aesthetics (acquired by Allergan), Symic Bio (acquired by Nordic Bio), and Teon Therapeutics. Before that, he was a founding member of TauTona Group, an early-stage life science venture capital fund back by Stanford Management Company and other top LPs. He started his career working for The Foundry, a preeminent medtech incubator, and he was an early or founding employee at eValve (acquired by Abbott), Cierra (acquired by Terumo) and others.

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Ken is an advisor to Kicker Ventures (digital health fund with Japanese LPs) amongst others, and also recently advised KKR on their $100M investment into Nordic Bio. He has a BS and MS degree from Stanford University in mechanical engineering, and as a Kauffman Fellow (Class 17) was the Jeff Timmons Leadership Awardee.

Ken is half Japanese and has had a life-long dream of helping develop the biotech ecosystem in Japan, which he sees as a significant scientific arbitrage opportunity.


Partner, Catalys Pacific

Ashwin is a Partner with Catalys Pacific, a physician-scientist, and a biotechnology entrepreneur. He serves as Chief Business officer of Kirilys Therapeutics, Co-Founder and SVP Operations at Pathalys Pharma, and Founder of Axelys, Inc. He previously served as Founder and Chair of Jupiter Therapeutics, Inc. Prior to this, he was a part of Genentech’s Early Clinical Development — Oncology team and practiced as a board-certified radiation oncologist. 

Ashwin completed his MD at the University of Michigan Medical School with highest honors and Dean’s distinction in research. After training in radiation oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he completed an MS in bioengineering at Caltech and a postdoc at Stanford University as an NCI Cancer Translational Nanotechnology fellow. 

Takashi Futami, PhD, MBA
Partner, AN Venture Partners

  • 10y+ Drug Dev., CVC and Corp. Strategy in Pharmaceutical Company
  • Previously Principal of Fast Track Initiative
  • Board Member, Observer >5 companies in Japan and US.
  • Founder/CEO based on Japanese academia


iCONM in collaboration with BioLabsについて

iCONM in collaboration with BioLabsは、羽田空港の対岸に位置する川崎市殿町キングスカイフロントにある「ナノ医療イノベーションセンター(iCONM)」内にある、ライフサイエンス分野のスタートアップを支援するインキュベーション施設です。日本の高い研究技術力に 対して、iCONMの研究支援環境と米国ボストンにあるバイオ領域のグローバルインキュベーター BioLabsの社会実装支援経験の強みをかけ合わせ、スタートアップを支援します。iCONM in collaboration with BioLabsでは、 370種類を超える、微細加工・化学合成・バイオ・動物実験系の共用機器を備えています。入居者募集中・入居にご関心が有る方へ


iCONM in collaboration with BioLabs 
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